NAU Discipline Inspecting Commission serves as the ad hoc intra-party supervision organ under the leadership of NAU Party committee and superior inspecting commissions. In accordance with the provisions and demands of Party constitution, it upholds Party constitution and other Party rules and regulations, inspects the implementation of Party’s route, principles, policies and resolutions by Party organizations at all levels and Party members, and assists school Party committee in the comprehensive strengthening of Party disciplines, reinforcement of Party’s work style construction, and organization and cooperation of anti-corruption work. Discipline Inspecting Commission Office serves as the functional department subordinated to Discipline Inspecting Commission which deals with daily affairs in cooperation with Supervision Department.

The main duties are as follows:

1. To make supervision, execute disciplines and implement accountability; to educate Party members on discipline observation regularly and make decisions on discipline upholding.

2. To supervise on duty performance and power execution of Party organizations at all levels and leading cadres of Party members, accept and handle reports from Party members and the masses, and arrange reminder talks, interviews and correspondences.

3. To check and dispose important or complicated cases in which Party organizations at all levels and Party members violate Party constitution or break other Party rules and regulations, and impose or cancel disciplinary measures on involved Party members.

4. To implement an accountability system or put forward proposes on responsibility investigation;

5. To accept party members’ accusations and appeals;

6. To protect party members’ rights;

7. To accomplish other assignments arranged by school Party committee and higher discipline inspecting commissions.

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